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Major MT Projects Worldwide

Primary Use - Information Retrieval

The Internet comprises billions of publicly accessible webpages while a full time human translator can only translate 5-8 pages day.

With the rise of internet as an important information and intelligence gathering resource, the use of MT provides instant access to critical, time-sensitive information, such as newsfeeds on financial or political development in the preferred local language.

Other Interesting Uses

Online Service for Subtitling

The SUMAT project increases the efficiency and productivity of the European subtitle industry in making audio visual content widely accessible across languages.

Online Platform for Generation of Multilingual Web Content for Content Publishers

FLAVIUS aims to provide an easy and cost-effective way for European webmasters to have their website translated and indexed into several languages.

Translation of Patent Documents

PLuTO aims to overcome language barriers by providing an integrated, online translation tool, where human experts can retrieve and translate patents.

Worldwide Lexicon

The Worldwide Lexicon is an open source collaborative project to help users translate websites, blogs and real-time IM conversations easily and accurately, using human and machine translation.

Crosslingual and Multimodal Search

This project supports the social participation of disabled and elderly people by providing a crosslingual and multimodal portal containing information on assistive tools and technology.

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