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Linguamatix Sdn Bhd (Linguamatix) designs and develops high-throughput machine translation solutions using proprietary neuronal network technology called LinguaBASE®. These systems enable the real-time automatic translation of vast quantities of content such as webpages and digital text at high speed.

After its incorporation in September 2002, Linguamatix spent 3 years in R&D before launching a prototype of the world's first English to Bahasa Malaysia translation system. Operating at translation rates approaching 200,000 words per minute (on a single server), this system received numerous awards including the 2006 Regional Asia-Pacific ICT Award, the 2006 MSC Asia-Pacific ICT Award, as well as, the 2006 Red Herring Asia 100 Awards.

With a R&D funding grant from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia, Linguamatix was able to develop new language pairs, as well as enhance the accuracy and throughput of its existing systems.

As at 2011, Linguamatix has released a total of five language pairs:

  • English - Bahasa Malaysia
  • Bahasa Malaysia - English
  • English - Chinese
  • Chinese - English
  • English - Bahasa Indonesia

The company is currently undertaking continued enhancement, research & development, and early commercialisation efforts.